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Ten Spring Clean-Out Tips for Busy People

You know what they say, “Give a task to a busy person because you know it will get done.” So maybe you don’t need to read my blog on time management but you’re still facing a very real spring cleaning issue; very little time and an overwhelming sense of dread. “Where do I start?” 1. … Keep Reading »


Eight Small Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Life in 2017

As a professional organizer, I find tremendous satisfaction in enhancing lives. My clients will attest to seeing tears well up in my eyes as they enthusiastically relate how some small tip I gave them has somehow improved their daily routine. As creatures of habit, we get accustomed to doing things a certain way. It often … Keep Reading »


How Evernote Changed My Life (And How It Can Change Yours)

My Evernote conversion occurred about four years ago.  Stuffed in the back of my junk drawer (yes, I also have one) for several years, lay a handwritten recipe for the best maple balsamic salad dressing I obtained from a restaurant in Vermont.  Frustrated with my lack of organization for something so valuable, I downloaded Evernote … Keep Reading »


Five Essential Back to School Tips Plus $50 off September Special Offer!

I don’t know about you but I find late August bittersweet. Long, schedule-free days draw to a close soon replaced by early mornings and an increasingly hectic routine. Our kids, on the other hand, seem genuinely ecstatic to begin the new school year. If back to school fills you with dread and stress here are … Keep Reading »


Sage Organizing Tips Gleaned From Our Moms

Several years ago, just before my mother passed away, I called her from the US (she lived in England) to ask her whether she could find information regarding my UK bank account. “Just a minute,” she said. And in literally, less than a minute, she gave me the information I needed. That was one of … Keep Reading »